Unobite Emboss Painting DIY Kit Design - 061.

Emboss Painting DIY Kit Design - 061

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Emboss Painting DIY Kit

Emboss Painting Size - 12 x 19 Inch

Kit Includes - Emboss Cloth, 7 Color Paints, Paint Palette and Paint Brush

This Emboss Painting kit is Ideal for Gifting purpose and it will be very unique to your beloved ones. Your gift is ready when you just complete your painting and get it framed.
Steps to paint:
1) Spread bedsheet on ironing table.
2) Spread velvet cloth (printed painting cloth) on the table and iron it from the back side i.e. iron over the plain side using light weight iron with (cotton) mild temperature.
3) When whole design get embossed, paint the design according to your choice or refer the photo shown in the box.
Notes to Remember:
a) Shake colours before use.
b) Mix 2 to 3 drops of water if colours getting thick.
c) Use white colour to make the shade lighter.
d) Mixing of any 7 available sparkling colours will create other new colours. Refer instruction inside the box. We have more designs in our catalogue.